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How to Take Creatine and Dextrose

Make Your Own Creatine and Dextrose Mix

When it comes to creatine it is difficult to know what to mix it with. Many say grape fruit juice is the best, many say sports drinks in order to get the insulin spike needed to carry the creatine to the muscles. However the major creatine manufacturers all use dextrose, claiming that it is the most efficient way of fully utilising the creatine. However the major manufacturers charge way too much right? So why not mix your own?

Most of these creatine products such as celltech contain 35g of dextrose. So what you need is:

Now simply half fill the jug with water and add the 2lb bag of dextrose and flavouring. Shake well and then fill the jug to the top.

Now anytime you want to take a serving of creatine simply put a spoonful of creatine in a glass and add about 154ml of your dextrose mix. This will give you 35g of dextrose every serving. Cheap and effective!!

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