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Mechanical Drop Sets

Drop sets will first require you to perform a set of a particular movement until you're fatigued and then alter a variable so that you can perform more repetitions.

In a standard drop set, the variable can be the weight you are lifting or your strip. You can drop the weights the moment you feel that you will not be able to perform any more repetitions. This bodybuilding technique is known to show results, but still, it should be used exclusively. That's because the more weight you will lift, the more will be the number of muscles recruited, which in turn will cause more muscles to be built.

A traditional drop set always involves the use of lighter weights. The load is reduced further with every single drop. While this form of workout will allow you to achieve muscle failure, it will never allow you to enjoy the benefits of using heavy weights. This forced experts to look for ways to combat this issue.

The most logical solution was obviously the introduction of heavier weights. However, there was an obstacle; doing repetitions after achieving muscle failure or fatigue was impossible with heavy weights. This made performing mechanical drop sets the only way of overcoming this hurdle.

The biggest difference between traditional drop sets and mechanical drops sets is that unlike the former, the latter doesn't use weight as its variable. The adjustment made in the execution of the weights is the variable in mechanical drop sets. People performing this form of workout manipulate their movements for making the exercise easier. This allows them to perform repetitions without dropping the weight. If you adopt this technique, you will be able to fatigue more of your muscle fibers, which, in turn, will help you to experience rapid gains.

Here are a few examples of mechanical drop set exercises that will allow you to experience rapid muscle growth:

Three Grip Pull Mechanical Drop Set

This workout will leave your biceps, lats and upper back completely exhausted. It's a three-part workout that will require you to use a pull bar, which allows parallel, underhand and wide overhand or pronated grips. First, you will have to perform pull-ups from your frailest mechanical position. Then, you will have to change grips with every progressive set for leveraging arm strength.

Perform as many repetitions as you can in every step. This exercise will make your back broader and biceps bigger in very little time.

Incline Bench Press Mechanical Drop Set

Perform this drop set if you want bigger chest muscles. Begin pressing, keeping your body at a high incline. Reduce the angle progressively with every set. This particular drop set will require you to reduce the angle five times. For maximum mass gains, perform as many repetitions as you can in every set.


Single Legged Glute Bridge Mechanical Drop Set

As its name suggests, it will pump your glute muscles and make them stronger. The props you will need for this exercise are a couple of flat benches.


Place the benches 3 to 4 feet away from each other. Start keeping your shoulders and feet elevated. Your shoulders should be placed on one bench and your feet should be on the other. Drive the hips up using one leg and hold it at a position that offers maximum contraction to your glute. After reaching muscle failure in the above position, place the driving foot at a mechanically easier position, for instance, on the ground, and start performing repetitions.

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